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A dazzling, thought provoking, combination of faith versus secular beliefs, science fiction, spiritual warfare, action adventure and romance.

Yesterday’s gone. Tomorrow is a distant hope. Now means everything…

Nya struggled to believe her accomplishment. Nearly a decade’s work was all coming together. This was her moment. The Nobel Prize would be hers for the taking. Her work was going to change the face of bio-science forever.

The only problem, someone with an exceptionally dark desire wanted to twist her work for sinister purposes that would change the face of life on earth forever. And he was prepared to go to any lengths to get it.

Thus began a chain of startling events that would force Nya to place her trust in an unknown man whom she discovered from archived news reports … died years ago.

Journey with Nya, a believer, as her faith is tested. Join Isaac, a non-believer, who questions his existence. Discover how they face death together in a remarkable journey. An emotionally rich escapade which will delight those who quest personally challenging and thought provoking reads.

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What people are saying

"Excellent read, better than the first. Can be read on its own or followed from 1st one. The characters are well written and you feel for them, which is a sign of a good book in my eyes. Thought provoking in places. All in all, recommended whole heartedly." Peter Scott - Goodreads

"It is a wonderful book. As much as I enjoyed The Last Judgement, I must say that I found TGC to be much richer in terms of characterization, plot execution, and general novel craft. Your readers will not experience any sophomore letdown, i.e., the common complaint that second books disappoint. In fact, I'm quite sure that they will be as delighted as I was to find it even better than its predecessor. I laughed at times, kept turning the pages, and stopped editing momentarily and read the bittersweet end with a tear in my eye. Congratulations, my friend, on a job very very well done." Scott Stewart (Editor)

"After reading Elijah Hael and the Last Judgment, I was curious to see if Mr. Goodwin would be able to top himself in a follow up. No such worries! Elijah Hael and The Genetic Code steps up to the plate and swings for the fences! The story takes off within the first two pages and rockets through to the end with very few lulls in the story to leave a reader bored. Mr. Goodwin has embraced quite a bit more humor with his writing in this story; some subtle, some not so subtle, but all tastefully done! (My Favorite being Cain and his company, N.O.D. - Cheeky!) His writing, as well as his characters, have grown up some in this offering as well. Throughout, he weaves a compelling tale of the biblical good vs. evil in a modern, high tech, setting that extends from the human realm into the spiritual realm and back! Once again, I find myself waiting in anticipation of a new novel from this author. Get the first book, if you haven't already, and then delve into this one as soon as you can!" C.M. Sinned - Amazon US